You planned ahead this year and made sure you booked your appointment for fillers and microneedling so you’d be extra glowing for all those holiday parties, yay! But you didn’t plan on the combination of cold temperatures, dry air from the heat being on overdrive, late nights, and one too many glasses of bubbly wreaking havoc on your skin. If you wake up feeling less than fabulous, here are some tips to get you back on track.

Help! Everything feels dry.

Did you wake up feeling like a raisin today? We know the feeling. Cold air carries less moisture than warm air, and cranking up the heater isn’t helping, either — all that dry air can cause skin irritation ranging from redness and flaking to cracking, chapping and even bleeding. Gross, we know. Add alcohol — which increases inflammation in the skin and can cause blood vessels to dilate, leading to redness — and you’ve set yourself up for one rough morning. Fortunately, that rough morning can be avoided with a bit of preparation.

You can combat the dry air by sleeping with a humidifier and by adding ultra moisturizing products to your skincare routine, such as our Skin Pharm Biotherapy Cream. This skin lifesaver is packed with intensely moisturizing ingredients that work together to repair your skin’s barrier function, combating dryness, restoring firmness and visibly reducing signs of aging, all while you sleep.

For days — or nights — when you need some extra TLC, we recommend Epionce’s Enriched Firming Mask. Powered by botanical ingredients that nourish stressed-out skin with a proprietary blend of barrier lipids, this mask calms visible redness and irritation. This mask works as a quick 10-minute refresher in the AM and is gentle enough to wear all night (we love it for long flights and car rides, too!).

We tend to drink less water in the winter, so be sure to stay hydrated throughout the day. Drinking water not only directly hydrates your skin, but is helps flush toxins out of your body and can improve symptoms of skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

Help! I’m broken out like a teenager.

Dry winter air can actually cause your skin to produce more sebum, leading to breakouts. Another major culprit is going to bed without washing your makeup off your face, which is just really bad for your skin (and your pillowcase). For normal to oily skin, we recommend Skin Pharm Papaya Enzyme Cleanser, a deep cleanser with salicylic acid (a godsend for acne-prone folks). Normal to dry skin types should opt for Skin Pharm Gentle Soothing Cleanser, which strips all your makeup and impurities while soothing skin with rich botanical extracts.

All skin types will benefit from one of our best-sellers, our Skin Pharm Clarifying Pads, which deliver a gentle, microchemical peel to exfoliate skin, clear acne and prevent future breakouts. Sensitive skin types may only need to use the pads two to three times a week, while oiler types can tolerate daily use.

If you’re in need of a stronger peel, we’re big fans of our Light Refresh Peel, a simple, non-invasive treatment that reduces pore size and treats uneven skin tone and blemishes. A series of peels not only improves any sun damage left over from the summer, but can smooth rough texture, fine lines and wrinkles. Chemical peels also stimulate collagen production underneath the skin, improving the overall appearance of your skin. Peels are quick and easy and require minimal recovery — they can be done on your lunch break — so you’ll be refreshed and glowing for those holiday parties in no time!

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Skin Pharm How to Build a Skincare Routine

No matter what your skincare needs are, building and adhering to a skincare routine can be daunting. If your bathroom drawers are filled with half-used products that are irritating, underwhelming or ineffective, it’s probably time for a skincare reboot. We’re here to help!

Here’s a guide to our six-step skincare routine get you started (for the TL;DR types, watch this short video about our Skin Pharm “hero products” here):


Skin Pharm Papaya Enzyme Cleanser

Properly cleansing your skin is an essential step as it removes impurities from makeup or the environment (yes, pollution affects your skin). This is the obvious first step in your skincare routine each evening. We like Papaya Enzyme (for normal to oily skin types) or Gentle Soothing (for those with dry, sensitive skin) by Skin Pharm. In the mornings, you can use a cleanser if you like, especially if you’re hitting a morning workout and want to freshen up before you apply makeup. If you worry that cleansing could irritate your skin, you can substitute micellar water or gentle towelettes. Also, a couple of times a week, add in an exfoliating step to your cleansing routine. We like Clarifying Brightening Polish by Skin Pharm.


Skin Pharm Clarifying Pads

Don’t fret if you’ve skipped this step in the past, or if you haven’t used a toner since you were a teenager. Most cleansers made today are pH balanced and do not require a toner immediately after. This step is more-so an opportunity to apply a solution to your skin that will target main concerns (i.e. appearance of pores, dull appearance). And don’t be afraid, because today’s toners are nothing like the stinging, harsh formulas you may recall from your adolescent years. We recommend the Clarifying Pads by Skin Pharm for every skin type. Sensitive skin types should use as a weekly micropeel, while oily skin types can tolerate once or twice daily.


Skin Pharm Youth Serum

Serums help nourish your skin, promoting healing and fighting the visible signs of aging. These go on before moisturizers for maximum absorption. Be sure to pick a serum that can deliver the powerful punch of ingredients you need for your skin type and skincare concerns. If you have extremely damaged skin, you may want to use a serum both morning and evening. We’re partial to our Youth Serum and Antioxidant Boosting Serum by Skin Pharm. The hyaluronic acid and peptides in our Youth Serum provide intense hydration and noticeable plumping, while the vitamin complex in our Antioxidant Boosting Serum helps repair damaged collagen and build new collagen.

We recently launched one of our new favorite products, our Retinol Drops, a potent yet gentle treatment to refine pores, reduce the appearance of dark spots and wrinkles, and improve skin texture. This lightweight formula is the key to glowing skin, packed with retinol, Vitamins C and E, sea whip extract and bisabolol, which helps calm the anticipated reaction of retinol so you can use it every night. (Sensitive skin types may want to alternate with their nightly serum — check with us if you’re not sure!)


Skin Pharm Youth Eye Complex Open

The skin around your eyes is more delicate than the rest of your face, so it’s important to choose a product that is gentle but capable of addressing your main skin concerns, such as wrinkle prevention, puffiness or dark circles. We created Skin Pharm Youth Eye Complex, a fast-absorbing gel, for AM and PM use. Like our Youth Serum, the Youth Eye Complex is packed with peptides, hyaluronic acid and niacinamide to decrease puffiness and treat fine lines, wrinkles and decreased elasticity. Depending in your individual needs and concerns, you may need a different product in the AM than the PM. For example, a gel that quickly absorbs before makeup application is ideal for morning use, while a heavier cream is appropriate in the evening. For AM use, Total Eye by Colorescience has SPF and is lightly tinted, providing protection and hiding dark circles from the world. 


Step 5: Moisturizer

In the morning, you’ll need a formula that absorbs quickly and provides a good base for cosmetics. We like Renewal Lite Facial Lotion by Epionce or Skin Pharm’s Youth Serum. As for your last product in the evening, we recommend Biotherapy Cream by Skin Pharm or the thicker version of the above mentioned Epionce product, Renewal Facial Lotion. If you’ve been relying upon your moisturizer — or your makeup — to be your sun protection, I advise that you add a separate SPF product to your skincare routine. Which leads me to the most important thing you can put on your skin each day …


Skin Pharm Mineral Tinted SPF 44

Patients often ask me what the most important skincare product is, and my answer is always the same: SPF. The best care is preventive care. No matter your age, applying a product with SPF — I recommend at least SPF 30 — on a daily basis is the single most effective way to protect your skin from damage and the signs of aging. We carry options for every skin type, and our favorites are 100% Mineral Tinted SPF or  Sheer Defense SPF by Skin Pharm, and Brush-On by Colorescience. 100% Mineral Tinted SPF is best for dry, normal and sensitive skin types while Sheer Defense is best for those who are oily. The Colorescience brush-on is ideal for re-application (especially during warmer months) and is great for all skin types.

If you’re going to be in direct sunlight during the day (any time of the year — not just summertime), you will need to reapply your SPF every two hours, or each time it’s rinsed off with water. And remember, the SPF in your makeup does not count as a reapplication, as you’re likely not applying enough makeup to get the full benefit from the SPF coverage.


Starting a new skincare routine can be intimidating, but we promise that it gets easier once you make it part of your daily ritual. If you get confused about what order to apply products in, remember that the general rule of thumb is to apply the thinnest products first, and then work your way up to the thickest product. The one exception is your retinol product, which should be applied after cleansing and toning and before your moisturizer. I recommend talking to a dermatology provider to determine the best retinol product for your skin type, and how often you should use it.

The feedback that I get from my patients is that it’s worth finding the products that work best for you, and sticking with them until you see results. (We’ll talk more about that in another post, so watch this space!) We’re always here to guide you so you feel confident to face the world each day. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 615-582-6726 or schedule an appointment here

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Skin Pharm - How to Build a Skincare Routine Infographic

We get it — the weather has turned colder and the days have grown longer. We’re certainly not judging anyone for choosing pajama pants and binge-watching marathons on the couch over going out. But we can’t stay inside forever, can we? Thankfully, we have the impending holiday season — and all of the socializing that goes along with it — to pull us out of our funk. This year, we want to help you look your best!

‘Tis the season of giving …

Sure, you may be thinking about all the holiday gifts you’ll need to buy this year, but we’re big believers that taking good care of yourself is just as important as taking care of others. If you’re hoping to smooth fine lines and wrinkles before that holiday party, now’s the time to gift yourself injectables so you’ll look — and feel — your best this season.

What are my options?

Injectables can treat both dynamic wrinkles and static wrinkles. Dynamic wrinkles are lines that are caused by repeated facial movements like smiling or frowning (think forehead wrinkles or crow’s feet around the outer eye corners). They are not visible when your face is at rest. Botox, Dysport and Jeuveau all contain neurotoxins that treat dynamic wrinkles by temporarily relaxing the muscle contractions that cause these lines when injected into the problem area.

Research suggests that these injectables could be used as a preventive treatment, especially when used long-term. If you’re wondering if you’re ready for Botox, we suggest talking to a Skin Pharm provider about how early treatments can slow the signs of aging down the road.

Static wrinkles result from a loss of elasticity and are still visible when your face is at rest. They require a different approach than neurotoxin-based injectables. Dermal fillers that are powered by hyaluronic acid are your best option to combat static wrinkles. You may be familiar hyaluronic acid — it’s a naturally occurring ingredient in customer favorites like Skin Pharm Youth Serum and Skin Pharm Youth Eye Complex. The amount of hyaluronic acid that our skin contains decreases as we grow older, which is one of the factors towards developing static wrinkles. Dermal fillers like Restylane and Juvederm smooth static wrinkles and improve facial volume.

What do I need to know in advance?

Injectables are suitable for most patients (with the exception of pregnant women) looking to treat visible signs of aging. Injectables are minimally invasive treatments with little downtime or prep work. You don’t need to do much in advance, although some patients avoid NSAIDs like aspirin or ibuprofen up to two weeks before the appointment to minimize bleeding and bruising. The injection procedure itself is relatively quick — usually just a few minutes — and while you may experience redness, bruising or swelling at the injection areas, you should be able to resume normal activities. We do recommend that you avoid rigorous exercise for at least 12 hours, so be sure to get your workout in before your appointment. Avoid rubbing or picking at the injection areas after your appointment, and if you experience any discomfort or swelling, apply cold packs to the area. Any visible signs of the injections should disappear within a few days.

I have a big event coming up. When should I book my appointment?

Great question! We get this a lot. If you’re getting injectables, we recommend scheduling your appointment two weeks before your event. This allows the injectables to take full effect and for any swelling, bruising or redness to disappear. You’ll see the effects from Botox and other neurotoxin-based injectables for three to six months, while dermal fillers like Juvederm last for nine to 12 months.

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It’s hard to say goodbye to summertime, but it’s also easy to say hello to boots, scarves, plaid flannels, PSLs and everything else that’s great about fall. But before you run outside and jump in a pile of leaves, there’s something else you need to move to the top of your to-do list: updating your skincare routine.

But I have a skincare routine. Now I have to change it?

Even if you’ve consulted with a Skin Pharm provider and you’re using our recommended 6-step skincare routine, you may need to tweak your routine when the seasons change. Higher humidity helps skin retain moisture, and we find that many of our patients need extra hydration in the fall. In Nashville, the hot, humid days are gone and cool, dry air is affecting everything from our skin to our static-filled hair.

How do I get extra hydration?

If you’re not already using Skin Pharm Youth Serum as part of your AM routine, this is the perfect time of year to add it (and if you’re only using in the AM, you may want to double up and apply in the PM, too). The lightweight formula absorbs quickly but hydrates and soothes skin.

During your nighttime routine, consider adding Skin Pharm Biotherapy Cream, a lightweight moisturizing cream that combats fine lines and wrinkles, nourishing and repairing your skin while you sleep.

My skin is already really dry. Help!

We are huge fans of masking at Skin Pharm — we apply masks to our freshly washed faces on planes, road trips, or when we’re sitting on the couch at home. Our favorite hydrating mask is Epionce’s Enriched Firming Mask, which instantly (OK, it takes 5-10 minutes) calms red, irritated skin and improves the visible appearance of elasticity and firmness of the skin. Powered by hyaluronic acid, shea butter and willow bark extract, this mask is suitable for all skin types. If your skin is super stressed and needs some extra TLC, leave the mask on instead of rinsing it off (this is a great way to hydrate skin during long flights, too).

Is there anything else I should do?

If you’re regularly using exfoliants like our Skin Pharm Clarifying Brightening Polish or retinoids like our Skin Pharm Retinol Drops, you may need to reduce frequency in the fall and winter months. Be sure to discuss any irritation or redness you’re experiencing with your Skin Pharm provider so we can tweak your routine and figure out how to keep your skin clear and glowing year-round.

Speaking of clear and glowing …

If you really want to keep your skin looking its best year-round, don’t even think of going outside without your SPF. Whatever formula you’ve been using in the summer should work fine for fall or winter. If you haven’t tried our SPF products yet, you can read more about them here.

Still not sure which one is right for you? Ask us at

We’re not here to give you exercise advice — although as medical professionals, we certainly recommend that you find an exercise routine that works for you — but we do have some tips on how to take care of your skin no matter when you work out.

Morning Workout

After you wake up, wash your face with water (if you have dry skin) or with your preferred cleanser (if you have oily skin). Apply a lightweight moisturizer, like Skin Pharm Youth Serum, which absorbs instantly but packs a power punch of hyaluronic acid and peptides to keep your skin hydrated during your workout. If you’ll be exposed to sun — we’re talking to you, outdoor exercisers — be sure to apply SPF (Skin Pharm Sheer Defense is ideal) before you head out the door. After your workout, cleanse your face as soon as possible and follow your prescribed morning skin care routine.

Afternoon Workout

If you work out in the afternoon, you’ve already done your normal skin care routine in the morning, and you’ll need to wash your face with cleanser to remove all makeup before your workout. Then, apply a lightweight moisturizer. Again, if your workout is outdoors, apply SPF. After you exercise, cleanse your face as soon as possible (sound familiar?) and then you’ll do your entire morning routine again.

Evening Workout

If you prefer to exercise in the evening — or maybe that’s your only option, so kudos on choosing that over happy hour — you’ve already done your normal skin care routine in the morning, and then you’ll wash your face with cleanser to remove all makeup before your workout (yep, that also sounds familiar) before applying a lightweight moisturizer. Cleanse your face as soon as possible.

Whether you work out in the morning, afternoon or evening, you’ll follow your prescribed skin care routine in the evening. 

If you’re asking why you have to wash your face so much, keep reading …

We get it, it’s hard enough to find a time to exercise each day, so you’re probably thinking, “Do I really need to wash my face that much?”

Sorry, but yes, you do. It may be tempting to sneak in a quick sweat session in without washing your face, but as you exercise, you’re activating your sweat glands and opening your pores. A face full of makeup can irritate skin and clog pores, causing breakouts. So, even if it’s just by using a cleansing wipe (we like Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes), be sure to remove all makeup from your skin and apply lightweight moisturizer to hydrate your skin while you sweat. And that post-workout wash is just as important — you need to remove the germs and sweat and whatever else you picked up from the gym or studio off your face ASAP.

This will be easy — and worth the effort — once you make it part of your routine, just like your workout.

Good advice for exercising (and for life)

Although it may not feel like it, summertime is almost over. We hope you had as much fun as we did! We love being outside in the summertime months, and since we practice what we preach, we never leave the house without SPF. All good Skin Pharm patients know that prevention is key to anti-aging efforts, so no trip to the beach or the pool is complete without your SPF.

If you felt like you got a little too much sun this summer, you may be experiencing the effects of hyperpigmentation. This is nothing to be self-conscious about, as we can address and treat hyperpigmentation — and any other skin concerns — here at Skin Pharm.

What is hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation is usually caused by an increased deposition of melanin in the skin, resulting in a darkening or increased concentration in the natural color of your skin. Hyperpigmentation appears as lesions that can be of different size, distribution and pattern. How susceptible you are to hyperpigmentation is somewhat hereditary, although environmental factors such as too much sun can accelerate the visible effects.

What do I do if I think I have hyperpigmentation?

If you’re noticing more skin pigmentation this time of year, we suggest scheduling a consultation with one of our Nurse Practitioners, as the diagnosis of most hyperpigmentation requires clinical evaluation by a medical professional. We’ll ask you about your medical history, your family history, and we’ll conduct a comprehensive skin examination to determine the extent of hyperpigmentation.

Can hyperpigmentation be fixed?

Hyperpigmentation can be challenging as it is, by nature, chronic and persistent, and with increased sun exposure you may be prone to relapsing episodes as your skin’s surface is repeatedly damaged. (Again, this is why SPF is so important!) In order to effectively combat hyperpigmentation, a Nurse Practitioner at Skin Pharm will prescribe a treatment plan including topical skin-lightening products including:

Skin Pharm Brightening Pads: Powered by botanical ingredients — kojic acid, arbutin, bearberry, green tea polyphenols, vitamin C — that brighten skin tone while protecting and soothing skin, this antioxidant heavy treatment fights the effects of hyperpigmentation and is gentle enough for all skin types.

Skin Pharm Retinol Drops: This potent yet lightweight treatment fights hyperpigmentation, melasma and free radical damage while reducing the appearance of dark spots and wrinkles, improving skin’s overall texture. Formulated with a sustained-release delivery system that carries powerful ingredients deeper into the skin, the Retinol Drops contain pure retinol, bisabolol and vitamin C to promote a healthy glow, while vitamin E and sea whip extract help calm the skin.

Skin Pharm Antioxidant Boosting Serum: Packed with the necessary ingredients for glowing, Insta-worthy skin, this serum contains ferulic acid, which enhances the activity of vitamins C and E to address dullness, hyperpigmentation, free radical damage, and aging skin. We often recommend alternating nights with a retinol treatment — like the aforementioned Retinol Drops — but feel free to call us at 615-582-6726 if you’re experiencing any redness or peeling as you generally have to increase usage of these products as your skin learns to tolerate such powerful ingredients.

Skin Pharm BBL Treatment

Beyond topical treatments

If the hyperpigmentation is severe or not responding to topical products, we recommend one of the following options:

Microneedling: Also known as collagen induction therapy, microneedling is a minimally-invasive facial rejuvenation treatment in which tiny needles create hundreds of invisible, controlled puncture wounds on the skin’s surface. Your body responds to this controlled injury by producing collagen, elastin and new capillaries, resulting in a reduction of scars, improved skin texture, firmness and hydration. This treatment, especially when paired with PRP to further increase collagen production, effectively reverses the signs of aging and sun damage, making this a great treatment for hyperpigmentation. Depending on your individual needs, we’ll likely recommend sessions every 2-4 weeks for severe hyperpigmentation, and then 4-6 weeks for continued anti-aging treatment.

Photofacials: If you’re looking to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and aging, photofacials can brighten and create even-toned skin. We use broad band light (BBL) therapy, in which high-intensity pulses of light improve the appearance of red and brown pigment. BBL therapy is customizable — and therefore more successful — and is an ideal solution for most skin types. This is one of the most effective treatments to combat hyperpigmentation as the BBL specifically targets skin cells that contain excess pigment, which will rise to the surface and slough off after the procedure (usually one to two weeks). We normally recommend one to three sessions every two to three weeks, and most patients can immediately resume normal activity post-treatment. For best results, avoid sun exposure three weeks before and after BBL treatment.

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At Skin Pharm, we treat patients of all ages and all skin types, including men! Yes, ladies, despite the oft-heard complaint that “men age better than women” (which we disagree with, for the record), we actually treat men for the very same issues that women face, as we develop skin care routines for skin type, not gender. No matter your gender — or your skin type — it’s up to you to take good care of your skin. Fortunately, we’re here to help!

Certainly, there are some differences between skin care for men and women. Men’s facial skin tends to be thicker and oilier than women’s, and some studies even state men usually have more collagen. Due to the larger presence of testosterone in men, men’s skin also tends to have larger pores that produce more sebum. 

Men and women can have different triggers for breakouts, whether it’s hormonal or environmental, and women often need cleansing products that thoroughly remove makeup at the end of the day (although makeup is growing more popular among men as well — our male patients love our sheer, universally-tinted sunscreen). Men also tend to shave or use hair removal products more frequently on their faces, and some of our male patients tell us they see similar effects from shaving as dermaplaning.

Despite these slight differences, overall, men have the same skin concerns as women — anti-aging, pigmentation, scarring and breakouts, to name just a few. Recently our male patients have asked for microneedling to clear and improve the appearance of pores, chemical peels to combat dullness, and filler for under-eye hollowing. And those Skin Pharm products you ladies know and love? Don’t be surprised if your other half starts dipping into your stash. Many of our male patients use Skin Pharm products including Clarifying Pads, Youth Serum and Sheer Defense SPF. A lot of male patients use eye cream as well, as everyone can benefit from some extra TLC around the eye area.

Since men experience hair loss more frequently than women, some of our male patients have asked if we offer any procedures at Skin Pharm to combat thinning hair. We’d suggest adding PRP injections to the scalp for hair restoration, and we do this often with our male patients. If you’re worried about procedures affecting your facial hair, some research shows that Kybella and photofacials can actually cause hair loss, so we need to proceed with caution if you want to keep that beard. We’d be happy to discuss options with you!

The reality is, everyone ages! That’s right, we’re all in this together, and we believe that we’re all aging like fine wines. And no matter what your skin concerns are, there are some simple steps you can take to make that journey as enjoyable as it should be. If there’s something about your skin that’s bothering you, we’d like to help you find a solution. If you’re interested in upping your skin care game, we suggest scheduling a consultation so we can learn more about your skin concerns and create the best skin care plan for you.


Balanced, hydrated and happy skin! (Oh, and a famous Berlin landmark behind me.)

Hi, I’m Abby, and I’m dedicated — maybe even obsessed — Skin Pharm patient. Skin Pharm products and procedures have completely changed my skin and streamlined my routine, because when your skin looks this great, you don’t need as much makeup! But more than anything, Skin Pharm has given me confidence in (literally) facing the world each day. I genuinely feel comfortable in my skin for the first time, and that’s why I’m a loyal Skin Pharm patient for life!

I turned 40 this year, and my primary skin concerns are anti-aging, pigmentation, and avoiding breakouts (if you had told 13-year-old Abby that she’d be fighting zits at 40, she would’ve locked herself in her bedroom). I travel a lot, so I’m often dealing with weird time zones, unpredictable schedules, and different water/air that my slightly sensitive skin has to adjust to. Maegan Griffin gave me some great tips for how to care for my skin when I’m on the road or in the air, so I want to share them with you.

Travel-sized bottles and where to stash them

First of all, make sure you buy quality travel-sized bottles for your products. I love this set because the squeezable bottles are easy to use, the bottles have a wide opening for easy filling, and the caps have no-drip valves, making these bottles truly spill-proof. These containers are perfect for your favorite Skin Pharm serums, creams and SPF as you only need to bring as much product as you need, making these an easy fit in your carry-on. You can fit several of these bottles into your TSA-approved ziplock bag.

Which brings me to my next tip: If possible, put your skin care products in your carry-on or your personal item that you bring on the plane rather than your checked luggage. I’m in Berlin, Germany right now, and it took 11 days for my checked luggage to arrive. That alone made me age about 10 years, so thank goodness I had all my favorite Skin Pharm products — see below — to calm my jet-lagged skin (and thank goodness I got Botox from Maegan right before I left Nashville). Additionally, if you’re traveling in extreme temperatures, it’s better to keep your skin care products from being exposed to very high or low temperatures, as that can break down the effectiveness of the powerful ingredients that treat your skin.

Skin care in the air

If you’re flying, be sure to stay hydrated, especially if you’re enjoying all the free booze on an international flight (guilty). It’s best to fly sans makeup, especially on long flights, and for extra care, Maegan suggested that I put Epionce’s Enriched Firming Mask on my cleansed face before the flight. My tired skin soaked up the entire mask, and upon landing, I splashed cold water on my face. My skin looked and felt nourished and refreshed, and I felt ready to face anything, even lost luggage.

My daily Skin Pharm routine

Each morning after exercising I use the Papaya Enzyme Purifying Cleanser.  I’m not going to lie, I never put much thought into my actual skin cleanser before, as I figured it was more important to invest in serums or creams, but this cleanser is amazing for my combination, somewhat sensitive skin, and I now understand how important the right cleanser is for your skin type. After cleansing, I use the Clarifying Pads, which have been a lifesaver, especially on my current trip as the air is more humid than I expected. Back in Nashville, I only use these pads twice a week, but in Berlin I need them every day to keep breakouts away. My skin feels firmer and cleaner after I use them each morning.

Next, I use the peptide- and hyaluronic acid-packed Youth Serum. I was surprised by how much I love this product; I always thought I needed a heavier moisturizer in the morning, but this fast-absorbing serum gently hydrates my skin and creates a good base for my SPF, the Sheer Defense SPF. If I was only allowed to bring one product with me, it would be this universally-tinted sunscreen. I’ve been searching for the perfect tinted sunscreen for years, and this is the only one that doesn’t have a chalky finish, leaving me looking like a ghost. As I’m very fair and sunburn easily, this SPF gives me the protection I need (and as a good Skin Pharm patient, I never leave the house without SPF!). This formula reduces redness and has just a hint of tint, which means that I don’t need additional makeup.

Always apply SPF before eating cake for breakfast.

At night, after I use the Papaya Cleanser, I alternate between the Antioxidant Boosting Serum to correct pigmentation and fight free radical damage, and the Retinol Drops, which combat fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots and melasma. I like that it’s a powerful retinol-based treatment that doesn’t irritate my skin. Following the serum, I use the Brightening Lotion, a lightweight moisturizer that promotes an even skin tone while fighting dullness. On nights when I need a little more hydration, I use the Biotherapy Cream, an intensely moisturizing cream with high performance ingredients like stem cells (from apples) and resveratrol. This cream is great if you’ve spent the day at the beach or on the mountains, or anywhere out in the elements.

I hope these tips are as helpful to you as they were to me. Safe travels!

It’s hard to be upset about lost luggage when you’re at a sunset bridge party!



We get it — you come see us, you’re spending your hard-earned money on skincare products and procedures. You want to know when you’re going to see results.

Let’s start with skincare products — depending on what you’re using, it takes time for your skin to build up tolerance to certain ingredients, and sometimes you have to get past a certain point to see the benefits. For example, some ingredients cause redness and peeling, but eventually yield the beautiful, glowing skin below.

If you’re not sure what ingredients are in your products, ask us! If you want a quick cheat sheet for reference (and you can read that tiny print on the bottle!), here you go:

AHAs (glycolic acid, lactic acid, malic acid, mandelic acid) and BHAs (salicylic acid): You can start seeing results within minutes of the first application, but peak results — such as anti-aging effects — don’t appear until 12 weeks.

Hyaluronic acid: Results are immediate, as you’ll see increased skin hydration, improved skin volume and a youthful appearance — you should experience them within a few minutes.

Niacinamide: Niacinamide is a great ingredient for treating inflammation and pigmentation, and preventing skin aging as well as its tolerability.

Retinols: Retinols can work wonders on your skin, reversing sun damage and signs of aging, decreasing fine lines, and improving skin tone and texture. Retinols also take some time to get used to, so depending on the sensitivity of your skin, you may need to use sparingly to begin with, and then work your way up to regular usage. With retinols, we recommend consulting with a dermatology provider (we’re available!) so we can determine if a more gentle OTC retinol or medical grade retinol is best for you! In three to six months, you should see results.

Rx Retinoic Acid: Same rules as above, as these are prescription-strength versions of retinoids. Because they’re stronger, you can expect to see results in six to eight weeks.

Vitamin C: This powerful vitamin is effective in protecting against photoageing of the skin. You can expect to see results after at least three weeks.

Kojic acid, hydroquinone, mulberry extract, arbutin: These lightening agents improve the overall appearance of your skin tone. The potency, tolerability and effectiveness of these ingredients can differ greatly, so we recommend consulting prior to use to pick the one that’s best for you! Results are often noticed within 8-12 weeks of use. 

We’ll talk more about the best time to get a procedure such as Botox, microneedling, or photofacials, if you’re prepping for a special event. Watch this space for more info!

At Skin Pharm, we only carry products that we use ourselves. When we give you a recommendation, you can be sure that these are tried-and-true formulas that we personally believe in.

When I started the Skin Pharm line, I wanted to offer powerful and effective products that you can easily  fit into your daily routine. If you’re a Skin Pharm patient, you know that our mantra for preventive skin care is to apply SPF every day. So, I’m excited to announce three brand-new Skin Pharm SPF formulas, now available for purchase in our online store or at our office!

Skin Pharm Clear Defense SPF 45: Ideal for acne-prone skin, sensitive skin, combination skin, and oily skin

This non-tinted, lightweight and innovative SPF protects skin from multiple factors known to cause premature aging, including UVA, UVB and infrared radiation. Delivering a new strategy in sun protection, Clear Defense combats free radicals and provides the highest possible level of protection while also restoring youthfulness to your skin. This SPF is rich in antioxidants and features high levels of nourishing ingredients niacinamide and hyaluronic acid, and it absorbs quickly into your skin. Other key ingredients include zinc oxide, octinoxate, vitamin E and knotweed extract.

Skin Pharm Sheer Defense SPF 45: Ideal for acne-prone skin, sensitive skin, combination skin, and oily skin

This universally-tinted formula packs the same powerful protection against UVA, UVB and infrared radiation as Clear Defense, and is a great option if you’re looking for a little more coverage for your skin. The soothing ingredients won’t irritate your skin. If you’re looking to ditch your foundation or BB cream on hot summer days but don’t want to lose coverage, this is a great option for you.

Skin Pharm 100% Mineral Tinted SPF 45: Ideal for dry skin, sensitive skin, normal skin, and combination skin

This formula boasts 100% mineral-blocking protection, which is ideal for those who experience sensitivity to chemicals found in most SPF options, and provides a sheer, universal tint suitable for most skin types. Gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin  — including post-procedure skin — this formula is light enough to wear alone or under makeup for daily sun protection. It’s also water-resistant up to 40 minutes and absorbs quickly for easy reapplication.


Each of our new SPF formulas address concerns including sun protection, free radical damage, large pores, acne and rosacea. Our formulas are paraben-free, sulfate-free, oil-free, cruelty-free, gluten-free, fragrance-free, naturally derived and safe for pregnancy.

Still not sure which option is best for you? Call us or schedule a consult today!